Send Android Texts on a PC

How to send GIFs on Android Messages for PC

Despite the fact that Android clients have utilized an assortment of workarounds to peruse and send instant messages on a PC, Messages for Web denoted the first occasion when that they had a true blue iMessages contender, which let them consistently incorporate their SMS messages with their PCs.  Setting up and using the program is trivially simple, although it’s still missing a few features that make its mobile counterpart such a delight. However, if you stay tuned until the end of the article, we’ll share a handy tip that will let users recreate one of their favorite features of Google Messages on Android: sending GIFs.

The Messages phone app got a helpful addition a few updates ago, in which users could hit the emoji button, scroll over a tab and then search for GIFs without having to copy and paste them from a Google search. Unfortunately, Android messages doesn’t have this feature yet, but there is a very simple workaround.

Simply find a GIF however you’d normally find one (Google Image search, Giphy, Frinkiac; I’m not going to tell you how to live your life). Then, right click and save the image somewhere on your hard drive.

From there, go back to Android Messages, click on the Attachments button (right next to Send) and upload the file. It’s a little cumbersome, but if you remember correctly, this is how we had to send GIFs by e-mail back in the Stone Age, and we still somehow got our fix of cats playing keyboards.

  1. Visit the Android Messages website

    To start the Android Messages process on the web, simply visit You’ll see a QR code show up on your screen; don’t scan it just yet. (It’s worth making sure that Google Messages is your phone’s default app, rather than something like Message+ from Verizon. You can change this by tapping Settings, Apps, the gear icon and Default messaging app.)

  2. Sync it with your phone

    As the Android Messages page trains you, go to the Messages application on your telephone, at that point tap the choices menu (the three vertical time frames in the upper-right corner). From that point, select Messages for web.

    The application will now provoke you to filter the QR code on your PC screen. In the event that you need your program to recall this procedure, with the goal that you don’t need to experience it each time you boot up Chrome, now would be a decent time to flip the choice. (It’s directly underneath the QR code.)

  3. Converse as usual

    The controls in Android Messages on the web are practically the same as they are on your telephone. Sort out what you need to state, click send to send it. You can likewise include emoticons, stickers and joined records.

    Simply know that your telephone must be on and associated with either Wi-Fi or a portable system all together for the program to work. (Since your instant messages are inalienably attached to your telephone number, this constraint bodes well; simply don’t hope to utilize Android Messages on your PC as a reinforcement when your telephone is out of juice.)

Hari Gamer, Microsoft Ucapkan Selamat Kepada Sony dan Nintendo

Hari Gamer, Microsoft Ucapkan Selamat Kepada Sony dan Nintendo

Melalui hari gamer nasional. Microsoft mengucapkan selamat kepada dua rivalnya, Sony dan Nintendo. 12 September, hari ini mungkin telah berlalu, namun semangat dari para gamer masih terus terdengar hingga sekarang. Hari yang telah berlalu tersebut disebut sebagai hari gamer nasional, sebuah hari spesial bagi para penggemar game.

Melalui hari yang spesial tersebut pula, banyak pihak yang merayakan hari tersebut dengan mengucapkan selamat pada penggemarnya. Hal yang cukup unik dilakukan oleh Microsoft dengan mengucapkan selamat kepada dua kubu lawan, Sony dan Nintendo.

Hal ini tentu bukanlah suatu hal yang mengagetkan, pasalnya Microsoft sendiri seringkali berdiskusi terhadap dua rivalnya perihal urusan cross-play. Phil Spencer selaku wakil presiden dari Microsoft sangat mengharapkan adanya dukungan cross-play untuk ketiga konsol.

Terlepas dari permasalahan itu, tidak selamanya perseteruan terus berjalan. Hari gamer nasional merupakan saat yang tepat untuk ketiganya saling bertukar pendapat dengan santai tanpa adanya tekanan. Hal inilah yang dilakukan oleh Microsoft.

Review Fortnite’s Game

Fortnite would not be the marvel that it is today without the one-versus-one-hundred idea: struggle is the soul of a fight royale amusement. While the pastel-hued shooter has ostensibly put its own particular turn on the class through cheerful increases like shopping baskets, the other huge draw is the world-building and status of the island. Be that as it may, Fortnite’s win condition is beginning to feel inconsistent with what keeps me returning to play the amusement. Not long ago, Fortnite caught the consideration of players through a puzzling desert event — now and again, a lightning strike rose up out of the in-diversion fractures. Players anticipated that it was paving the way to something, as the planning of the strikes didn’t appear to be arbitrary. Good fortunes to any individual who went there and endeavored to make sense of it at the time, however. For stuff this way, it’s really simple to simply kick the bucket immediately. While the lightning fracture has transformed into a shape now, the aphorism stays genuine.

This week, Fortnite likewise included an in-diversion motion picture that is perceptible at a drive-in to praise the champ of a filmmaking challenge. Players who have endeavored to watch it, be that as it may, continue getting killed. You’re most likely happier watching it online on YouTube. Notoriously, the beginning of the season opened with a colossal occasion where an outsider guest plummeted from the skies and opened up teleportation fractures around the guide — yet numerous fans left disappointed, on the grounds that a lot of players went into matches with the goal of slaughtering anybody sufficiently credulous to really appreciate the procedures.

Image result for Review Fortnite Game

A standout amongst the most intriguing increases this week was the Tomato Temple, a zone that is by all accounts committed to the amazingly glad Tomatoman outfit. Anybody with the ensemble can wear a crown now, and there’s likewise another “acclaim the tomato” act out where you offer your regards to the organic product. This, joined with the exasperating key workmanship Epic Games as of late discharged, influences it to feel like the designer is making some serene legend. Is this a religion? What’s happening? As it were, it doesn’t make a difference, on the grounds that the main thing I truly get the opportunity to do with any of this is execute individuals with the ensemble, or murder individuals who need to look at the sanctuary. It’s not fulfilling.

Leaving the ensembles and such open to elucidation is an incredible method to give the characters a chance to be characterized by players, but at the same time I’m left wishing there was some creation to sink my teeth into. Overwatch is an incredible case here: the characters are sufficiently vacant that players can prepare expand sentiments between characters, or backstories, however it’s solitary conceivable in light of the fact that Blizzard influences them to feel like genuine individuals. Little lines of discourse propose identities, maps are loaded with subtle elements that point at a bigger world, showers reveal to us more about legends, yet most critically, Blizzard puts out cinematics now and again that out and out disclose to us who these characters should be. Even better, Overwatch characters feel like a gathering venture, since Blizzard winds up consolidating player-made thoughts into the genuine legend. At the point when the pilot was considered to be a trashy Dorito-eating devil by players, Blizzard felt free to made it official in the amusement and the story. Fortnite characters, by differentiate, generally feel like cardboard patterns.

Razer Muncul Dalam Dunia Game

Razer Muncul Dalam Dunia Game

Razer mengukuhkan posisinya sebagai pengusik pasar game PC sejak lama. Perusahaan ini tampaknya tengah menetapkan pandangannya pada pasar yang berbeda.

Razer kemungkinan berencana untuk mengusik pasar game mobile. Setidaknya itulah implikasi yang didapatkan dari CEO Razer, Tan Ming-liang, yang mengatakan dalam sebuah wawancara belum lama ini bahwa “game mobile akan menjadi bagian besar bisnis kami di masa depan.”Razer akhirnya mengumumkan smartphone pertamanya. Perangkat bernama Razer Phone itu dibuat khusus untuk keperluan gaming. Razer sendiri tidak menyebutkan dengan mendetail fitur gaming apa yang hadir di Razer Phone sehingga perangkat tersebut disebut smartphone gaming.

Yang pasti, Razer Phone memiliki layar dengan refresh rate yang tinggi, yakni mencapai 120 Hz. Hingga saat ini, selain Razer Phone, baru ada satu smartphone lain yang punya fitur layar 120 Hz, yakni ponsel bikinan Sharp. Ada juga RAM jumbo 8 GB. “Anda tidak akan melihat layar yang tearing atau jaggies,” kata Eric Lin, Product Manager Razer, sebagaimana KompasTekno rangkum dari Venture Beat.

“Jika Anda sedang membuka situs web, Razer Phone bisa menurunkan tenaga, tetapi jika mulai scrolling, tenaganya akan naik. Ini sangat berguna untuk game,” ujar Lin. Layarnya sendiri berbentang 5,72 inci dengan dukungan resolusi 1440p (2.560 x 1.440). Layar ini dikatakan memiliki color gamut yang lebar dan dilindungi Gorilla Glass 3. Dari segi hardware, Razer Phone dilengkapi dengan prosesor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, RAM 8 GB, dan media penyimpanan 64 GB yang bisa ditingkatkan dengan menggunakan kartu microSD hingga 2 TB.  Razer Phone juga dilengkapi dengan sensor sidik jari untuk memperketat keamanan.

Baca Juga : 5 Game Ini Masuk Ke Daftar Yang Akan Diblokir KPI

Razer Phone memiliki konfigurasi kamera ganda 12 megapiksel di bagian belakang. Kamera pertama untuk mengambil foto wide, sementara keduanya memiliki kemampuan 2x zoom.  Sedangkan kamera depannya berukuran 8 megapixel. Dari segi baterai, Razer menggunakan lithium ion sebesar 4.000 mAh. Ada juga kemampuan Quick Charge yang memungkinkan untuk melakukan pengisian daya dengan cepat. Dari sisi audio, ponsel Razer didukung oleh Speaker Dolby Atmos. Tidak hanya itu, ponsel yang dibuat oleh vendor game ternama tersebut memiliki sertifikasi dari THX sehingga membuat pengalaman bermain game dikatakan lebih baik. Sistem pada ponsel Razer masih menggunakan Android versi Nougat.

Razer mengakuisisi pembuat konsol gagal Ouya pada 2015. Ouya ingin merilis konsol game kasual yang didukung Android namun tak dapat dikembangkannya. Razer juga mengakuisisi Nextbit, perusahaan di balik smartphone Robin. Min-liang mengatakan bahwa akuisisi Nextbit telah memberi Razer bakat untuk mengerjakan perangkat generasi berikutnya.